School vs Personal Life


Personal Life and School hate each other. They often pass each other in the hallways, glaring. School sneers at Personal Life from over the pages of his books. Personal Life talks about School’s stupid glasses that were surprisingly sleek.

Technically, Personal Life and School were “coworkers.”…

How to Make a Study Plan for the Quarter


*My fall quarter starts on September 24th. Professors started posting textbook information, test information, syllabus, etc. on the course websites a couple days, so I thought it would be a good idea to prepare for each class before it starts *

Once you have your textbooks, a little bit of information on the website, and the syllabus, start preparing your study plan for the quarter.

1. Read the course syllabus. Professors know exactly what they will be teaching, how big the workload will be, exam schedules, reading material, etc. Once you read the syllabus, you are already mentally prepared for the class, and it won’t seem as overwhelming on the first day. 

** Important information to take away from the syllabus: 

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